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Here I am again, few days has passed, and I feel I can make it, but it still hard, sometimes I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. I already finish the web page which is a significant milestone (considering the baby steps that I accomplished before), this means I am ready to start to handle the business cards and get some clients. So, I am considering working a little bit over the weekend, improving my craft and get the goals of the week done.

Continuing with the Seth Godin freelancer course, I got new questions to answer, so let’s jump on it.

1. “Compared to others who do what you do, rank yourself on: reputation, knowledge, expertise, tools, handiness.”

* Reputation: So far I could say that my reputation is good as I have always been asked to stay in the companies where I worked before, which I choose to believe is due to the good job I did. So I give myself an 8.5/10

Knowledge: There are so many people that know so many tricks and better ways to code that I cannot say I am the best, but I always try to improve and learn new things. So I give myself a 7/10

Expertise: I do not have the expertise that others could have, but this is just as start point as always you need to start at some point and build from it. So I give myself a 5/10

Tools: I been working on getting the tools that I need, I bought a new laptop, and I create a base where everything that I do is on the cloud so I can always have a backup and work wherever I want, but there is always a way that I can improve. So I give myself a 9/10

Handiness: I think this is my best area, the commitment I have to be a full-time freelancer give me an advantage over the people that are just doing it part time. For the people that are doing this full-time as well as me, the advantage that I have over them is that I just started which means I have time and also tax-free before I hit the 30.000 dollars. Not only that but I also know how to listen to people.So I give myself a 9/10

2.”Which will you invest in developing?”

* I will choose to invest in knowledge as I am already doing it by learning PyQt and machine learning, I think this is what it is required to stay in the industry as you always need to be on top of your craft. On Expertise skill I ranked myself low, this will only come with experience and work, therefore is an area that will improve by itself.

3. “What is your client afraid their boss will think if they say yes?”

*  Their boss may think or said to them, why me if there are more in the market? I need to be confident enough so they can see how much value I can add to their company. All these questions are base more of my experience as I am new into the freelance market but not into my craft.

4.”What would your client tell their boss to explain why they bought you?”

* The experience, and the professionalism that I offer to them, there is also more advantage on the financial side and the experience in general that they can have with me.

5. “What would you like them to tell their boss?”

* Well what I would like them to say to their boss, is about the quality of my work and how reliable is to work with me, that by hiring me they are not only getting what they need but more.

6. “What emotions do I want people to take when they interact with me?”

* Well I first want them to be secure, to be confident that I am the right choice, that there is no other person like me, and therefore my services are unique. I want them to have the satisfaction of having a great product even before it gets shipped.

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