When you fail

There are times in life when you do not see a break, when everything that you have plan it just not happening, the goals that you set for the year or even for the month. We (as humans) try to defend our pride and ego, so we start blaming the circumstances around us.

I think that blaming others or the circumstances is a natural reaction that we must fight to stand up again and continue the journey, we should see these events as possibilities, something that we can overcome and come back stronger. I have been hearing this all the time, but I never pay that much attention until it happens to me, and I must say that it will only happen if you can take some risk.

On my way to work, I used to meet a guy that work in the same industry as I do, and I just meet him again a few days ago, so we usually chat about work and weather (frequent topic when you do not have enough confidence). Few months before I took the risky step to became a freelancer, he was all supportive of me, but at the same time, he was accepting a low pay in his work because he was changing departments. So last time I meet him I asked about his work (as usual), and he continued with accepting the low pay, then he asked me about the freelance project, and I told him that it failed and that now I am back into the industry. Then he put a smile on his face and said: “Yeah that is why I keep it safe.” Then I reply to him: “I could have failed on the freelance project, but I came stronger and way more confident that I was before and now I am earning 20% more compared to my salary before I get into the freelance project”. He looked at me and said: “I think this is my stop, see you later.”

In conclusion, I believe that you get the best in your life every time you take the risk because even if you fail, you just became stronger.

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