What really matters?

I think this is a big question in every part of our life; sometimes some actions or feelings matter the most. Hence we follow them and discard the rest. We sometimes get it right, and we can feel happy that whatever we decide to followed worked out entirely. However, what we can do when it did not work out when everything that we thought matters was an illusion or were wrong?

I believe that one key not to get caught in this trap is to ask this question more often when I ask that question to myself I start taking few steps back and analyze the situation in a way that I did not before, this allow me to be more selective about what I put my attention and what I should let go.

It’s never easy, but I think that if we drive the attention into the things that matter the most, we will get rewarded ten times more and faster than follow something that at the end it will vanish. So what you should let go and what you should put your attention? What really matters?

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