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Today is my first day as a freelancer/entrepreneur, I am excited about this adventure, and I want to register every step I made. This blog could help me in the future, or if I succeed it could help other people, that is why I decided to write a blog to have a track of everything I am doing.

Today I made two different task that could help me building my dream, the first one, was to follow a potential client and the second one, was to start a course about freelancing with Seth Godin, in that course, there are some exercises that I will post along in this blog.

In the first practice, he asks two questions which I post with the corresponding answer…

1 . “What do you want to do? (Not the job but the work now, tomorrow and in the future)”

  • I would like to build a software company that specializes in the automatization of repetitive processes using artificial intelligence when possible.

2. “Who do you want to change, and how do you want to change them?”

  • I want to change people lives at work; I know that if I help people create work faster and not worrying about some repetitive task that pauses or hold their effort, it will create more time to spend in whatever people like to do.

3. “How much risk are you willing to put at stake to make the change you seek?”

  • I am ready to go all in; I am in a perfect moment in my life due that I do not have a family or only person that depend on my income, it is only me, which allow me to take a significant risk.

4. ” How much work are you willing to do to get there?”

  • I am ready to put much work in it; that is why I waited until my contract in the last company I worked for was over so I can be full time working on my dream. I have also let everyone know about it, in that way, I will have enough pressure to succeed.

5. ” Does this project matter enough for the risk and the effort you are putting into it?”

  • Yes, this project matters a lot because it is the first time that I am taking a big risk in my life, and no matter what happens if I succeed or fail I know the experience I will get will be helpful for future projects. As one of my mentors said, the goal is not as important as the journey.

6. “Is it possible — has anyone with your resources ever pulled off anything like this?”

  • Yes, so many people had pulled off a software company that I am sure I will not be the first, but I will not be the last.


P.S. Please forgive my grammar and orthography errors, part of why I am doing the blog is to improve it, therefore if you find any errors or have any suggestion, please let me know.

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