Point of view

There are many problems that are generated because of different points of views, and sometimes it is just the way that we see or interacted with others that make them think about you as something that you are or that you are not, it all depends on of the point of view.

A few days ago I was asking a friend about how he felt at the meeting, to give you a bit of a context, we were in a group meeting (not a business meeting), and he had a question, from my point of view it was a legitimated question but for some reason everyone started laughing. At that moment I thought to myself, that he was feeling sad about it, so at the end of the meeting I asked him, and answered me: “not at all, people tend to laugh when they do not have the answer, so they have more time to think about the answer.”

This situation makes me think about it because if I was in his position, I might react entirely different, then I thought that how we look at things can totally change our relations with other people, it is important to get the perspective of others before jump into conclusions about their reactions.

Think about other people feelings, can help you understand why and how to react to different situations.

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