There are times in our lives that our mood is not the best, and unfortunately, most of the people change their mood depending on the circumstances around them, and most of the people get into a terrible mood when this conditions can affect their income, which is entirely understandable, because at the end we work for money so we can “enjoy” life.

I read this phrase a few months ago “pessimism helps to build companies.” That phrase stuck in my mind, the author based this phrase on the premise that when there is pessimism in the world, people are afraid to lose their jobs or to get unemployed. For instance, if you are building a company, you will get cheap labor, and also people want to stay in your business does not matter their situation (overtime, low pay, etc..).

I do not agree on this, yes it is true that you can use the pessimism in the world to take advantage of people but it is not ethical and also pessimism will not last forever, so at the end, your company will not be successful, and no one will work for you again.

I finally want to encourage you not to be afraid, the world is an abundant place, where there is more than enough for everyone, so don’t let the pessimism get you, most of it is just an illusion.

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