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It is a long time since I did not write a blog and I think I start missing it; I believe it is a good way to cast out all your anxieties or whatever else is happening in your life. So few weeks has passed, and the course of Seth Godin is done, so I guess from now on I will pick different topics to talk and give my opinion about it, this will be more inspirational than talking about news.

My freelance career is going as expected, so I do not have a client yet but 99% of the tools are set up on the cloud, so I do not have any problem when moving. It is fun because now I have 100 different offices between coffee shops, restaurants, libraries.

There have been few contacts that can lead to a client, so I am getting hope on those as well as a company that is high rated for developers, so I am currently putting all the effort on that one due that is hard to get in (only 3% of the people that apply there, get in) and there is a lot of algorithmic tests.

So as I said earlier, I guess this will be my last blog in this form and I going to switch into a topic form, which I think is more fun for me.

God bless you all,

P.S. The only thing you can control is your effort to have success.

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  • NatalliaSeptember 21, 2016

    Good luck! Hope you will find your client very soon and will start a new level of your exciting journey.

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