New Year! New Goals! New Hope!

It starts again; it is a new journey, it is the best time to get new habits set up. Those are some examples of what we say to ourselves every time a new year kick in, and there is no doubt that we feel deferent is like having an energy drink, you feel that you can accomplish whatever is coming.

This year for me is a bit different, I got a job, and now and I have a schedule to meet. There is a big difference this time, though, for the first time in my whole life I am going to work without the thought of work on something else, the first time I worked I was always looking to get another job in a different area or a different industry. I remember when I worked as a software developer I wanted to be and artist, when I worked as an artist I wanted to work in games, when I worked in games I wanted to work in films, when I worked in movies and wanted to became a specialized artist, and so on until now.

This job can finance my dream to have a company and as I wrote at the beginning a new year brings new projects. Hence, I have some projects that I am cooking in my head, and some others that already got traction so will see what happen, but so far, I guessing this will be a good year for me and at least it started on with the right foot.

I also have what I call soft goals; those are goals that I do not have to do much to get them done. For example, one of them is running a half marathon this year, I already running three times a week so if I continue that routine then, the change that I need to do is minimum to achieve it.
I know it is a bit late to talk about the new year and all that it comes with, but for me, January is more about adjusting than action, is more about make things clear in my head about how am I going to accomplish the new goals that I set up. Therefore, one of my goals for this year is to blog; it does not matter about what or to whom, I feel is just nice to record your thoughts and why not make them public.I read from Seth Godin that having a blog will help you a lot with your mind and ideas; it is a way to stand and back your feelings.

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  • AlejitaMay 26, 2017

    It is so inspiring that you set goals early this year, and already accomplishing them! You should keep blogging. I agree that writing things out is a good idea. It helps lay out your thoughts, and best yet you can go back and review what has happened. Keep it up Carlos! I would love to read more about your journey this year 🙂

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