Sometimes in life, you feel lost, or you do not know what should be your next step, in other words, there is no one leading you to the next level, or the person that is leading you is not doing a good job. (Assuming that you have not taken the path to be the leader.)

I think this is one of the biggest fears that anyone has, because not knowing where to go and feel lost, could lead to depression or other feelings that would affect your life in general.

So, what to do? How can you overcome those feelings?

I think those feelings are a significant opportunity for you to be creative and start leading your way to your next step, as one of the quotes a read recently said, “Nothing will change until someone take the leadership.” Therefore, you can start the change.

Take for example any workplace, most of the time people are complaining about different stuff, but no one does anything about it. This is because is not an easy step to take; you need to have the courage to stand and lead the change that you want to have. It might happen that the change did not occur, but people will always appreciate the courage of others, and they will start to see you as a lead.

In conclusion, on whatever you do, think twice when you are complaining or feeling lost because that might be the call that you need to start to lead your next step.

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