God in Everything

Today I want to reflect about a phase I read; “we can experience God in everything.”

There is a disclaimer here as I am Christian I may have a different opinion about this topic, this does not mean I do not respect your opinions about it;

I just want to share with whoever read this blog, my perspective and what this phrase said to me, and this is only one of many opinions I have about it.

I think this phase is powerful because if I think about how everything is designed, from the universe until the cells that are in our bodies. I believe that it is perfect, and that kind of perfection make me realize that we can never be perfect. Perfection is a goal that I am never going to reach, it does not matter how well I do what I do or how much time I put on it, it just a matter of time when we look back and find an imperfection.

I do not mean that we should not give or best in whatever we do, it is entirely the opposite, what this phase make me realize is that ever time I try my best, and try to reach the perfection, I try to reach God.

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