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I guess each time I am studying Seth Godin’s course (or any other) I will be blogging more often, so continuing with the course and the process of became self-employed (freelance), I got some news.

The first one is that I found a website that has a lot of Python tutorials, and he has it for FREE (well they have some exercises that you need to pay for it, but the class content is completely free) the site is URL I recommend to check it out (I have to be clear, this is not a paid advertisement, I think the site is great). The second one is that I found out a few days ago that the Vancouver library has a free subscription which gives great courses that can push me farther.

Let’s continue with the questions of the Seth Godin course:

  1. “What do people buy when they buy something from you?”
  •  They can buy three different things, the first one will be the consulting and analysis of the problem, this means that I will let the client know why the software it is important and how it will benefit the company in many aspects, like team efficiency, profit saving, etc. The second part is moving forward and the design of the first architecture and UI, at this stage of the process I will use the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) method to create the UI. Therefore it will get some iterations until it gets easy and intuitive to use. The last stage is the development this part, that has been done a little bit on the stage before, this part is more about building the most sophisticated algorithms, refine them and document the software.
  1. “Leave out the easy, repetitive, generic stuff… What you are doing that is difficult?”
  • What I am doing that is hard is the process its self, I do not want to build a generic stuff, I want to solve and understand the client problem by finding the right solution for them.
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