Do not complain

Not so long ago I was studying animation, and one of my classmates, (which I became a friend of him since we met, but we do not talk that much anymore) have a particular way to behave. He always believed that everything was wrong, either it was badly made or was missing something. Therefore he was always complaining about it, on the other hand, some of my other friends were always asking me why I do hang out with him? If I was not tired of him complaining all the time? However, the red alarm turn on when the number of those friends increased, no one liked him anymore or if they did like him was because he helped them with some work.

I just wrote that because I just read a phase that resumes what did happen, “When you complain, nobody wants to help you.” I was also surprised of the author of this quote, who is Stephen Hawking. Which make me think deeper as he is one of the persons that have achieved most that anyone I know, and he also has more to complain than everyone else. I also thought of the people, like my friend, that have everything not to complain about, but they still choose to do it.

I can not judge anyone as I also complain time to time about different things, but I am making an effort to ask myself some questions before I start complaining:

  • Do I have control over this?
  • If I have control, what can I do to fix it?
  • If I do not have control, what I can do so I stop thinking about it?

Once I applied those questions is not that I am going to stop complaining, but at least you think twice before you do it.

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