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I decided to get over the freelance course in two days; this is because the planning and preparation for to start getting in the market are for the most part done. I guess it is just nice to knowing all the rewards I could get if I do an excellent job as a freelancer, so let’s hope for the best and keep on going with this course and this blog as well.

One side note before I start the Q&A is that I been using Grammarly to help me with the posts of this blog, but I am not sure if it is 100% reliable, I will try to improve it by combining it with other grammar correctors.

1.“If you choose an archetype or extreme (edgecraft), what do you want your brand or work to be known for?”

  • There is a pdf with lots of options on this question that I am not going to post. I am only going to put here the ones I chose; Confident, Edgy, Knowledgeable, Passionate, Responsive, Dependable, Giving, Logical, Wise, Organized, Intelligent, Understanding, Adaptable, Bold, Helpful, Mature, Patient, Brave, Complex, Powerful, Sympathetic.

2. “List five ways you could express these ”

  • Deliver the best work to the client
  • Work on my brand as a person.
  • Exceed expectations from the client.
  • Always learn new ways to improve my skills and be always update.
  • Be unique in every aspect of my product.

3. “How many people would complain if you did not send out your newsletter or brochure?”

  • At this moment I do not have a newsletter, but I will answer this question as how many people I expect in the future to complain, and the answer will be between 50 to 100 in the next year, will see how it goes.

4. “Clearly articulate what promise you make to those that give you permission.”

  • I will say that only relevant information about my services or things that can help them will be in the email to them.

5. “What makes your marketing anticipated, personal and relevant?”

  • The marketing strategy is not defined yet, so this question is too early for me to answer it.

6. “What could you promise that people would look forward to?”

  • I could guarantee support on my product; I always will be there for any questions they have and/or email any updates related to the product.

7. “How and what can you organize and connect?”

  • I was thinking about this the other day because I saw a guy that have created a full website with all kinds of tutorials about python, this is a nice way to promote yourself. Also, there are meetup groups where you can extend your network, but I have to involve and see how well the tech meetups are organized.

8. “List people within your sphere who are disconnected. What do they want? Whom do they want to be recognized by, trusted by, or learn from?”

  • I will say people from VFX studios; this is due, mostly because almost all the employees are new to the city, and most of them come and then leave after the project is done. This also applies to the tech guys which I will focus on in the next questions.
  • Most of them want to work for big projects and get their name on the big screen; others just love to do what they do or are comfortable where they are.
  • They want to be recognized and trusted for their work, most of them live from it so as famous they get the better salary and position in the industry they get.
  • They are always looking for new ways to learn different types of technology from books or tutorials on the internet.

9. “5 blog topics your market would find surprising, insightful, provocative,”

  • Artificial intelligence, language Vs logic, MVP method in software development, there is no need for colleges anymore, experience Vs leverage.

10. “5 blog topics they are sick of reading about (are you writing about these?).”

  • Which language is better, OS preference (OSX, Windows, Linux, etc…), Best IDE, WordPress, best college to learn how to code.

11. “Industry report you could write 50 pages about.”

  • I am sure I can write a lot about the methodologies that large enterprises use Vs small ones.

12. “Infographic – an infographic that doesn’t exist yet, but should”

  • Well, this one is hard to tell and also maybe the one I choose already exist, but I will say the impact of IA in the start-ups.

13. “How can you organize your competitors to do a thing together?”

  • I think the meetup groups is a good option, so I will probably use that one as it does not cost that much, but if I have money, I will make a conference.

14. “Practice selling to willing strangers: Ask a non-profit you care about for a chance to volunteer to fundraise. Get on the phone, or even better, visit people and sell them on donating more than they did last year. It is not you on the line, this time; you are selling something you care about. Explore how it feels to close the sale. How does the donor shift in posture or action?”

  • This needs more time to do it, I will try to involve myself somehow in a non-profit, but for now I will skip this one.
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