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Well is now like a week ago from my last post, few things had happened that are making me more confident in this journey, last weekend I was a stressed and I was almost quitting the dream to be freelance. God help me a lot and give me the confidence I need it; now I feel better and full of energy for what it is ahead.

Been a freelancer is a lonely journey, so you have to figure out a way to get in touch with people, this is why I started dancing salsa and joined a running group. I also got a new laptop, so I am expecting to be more productive as I can bring it almost everywhere I go.

Now let’s go into the Q&A from the Freelance course:

– “List ten things you are delivering to your client (things that aren’t what you do, go deeper than that and be specific)”

  1. Commitment – I can assure to the customer that my commitment to each project will be phenomenal as part of my brand.
  2. Honestly – I am not afraid to fail to make mistakes it is part of the learning process. Therefore, I can be transparent of how I make my product and how I present it to the client.
  3. Responsible – I been always responsible for everything I have done, from being on schedule to accept when things did not work out the way I expected.
  4. Organize – I love to be organized and knowing what, when, and why I am doing it. Hence my job is not an exception. For example, the client could ask me at any time the status of the project, and I know I can give a precise answer.
  5. Understand client needs – I want to make a profit, but I think the highest priority to have is on how much value I can give to the customer and people on that company, not only on profit but in life.
  6. Add extra value – I always trying to go the extra mile, it could be additional functionality in the product or other things that could add extra value to the product I offer.
  7. Value their time – Time is one of the most value things that we have, therefore as I expect they respect my time I also respect client or other people’s time.
  8. Care about their budget – They way I develop the product allow the client to be on their budget all the time.
  9. Respect – The client deserves respect all the time, as well as I deserve respect. Hence one of my primary values, to work with any client, is to have a mutual respect.
  10. Confidence – I have confidence in my work and how good I am, as a client you will be sure that my product will not fail, and if it does, I will always be there to fix it.
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