I have recently experienced a change in my life in a way that I pass from been not too busy to barely have time to clean my dishes; I filled my life with all kind of stuff by saying yes to anything that people invited me. I have also recently read that being busy shows you are managing priorities and time wrong, so this weekend I decided to take a step back and look around, see all my action through another pair of eyes. So far is good but I am not going to lie, I been having mix feelings almost all the time, let me explain.

When I stay at home, after a long time going out with friends, you start to miss them out; it is like a FOMO, you enjoy the time with them. On the other hand, there are projects that I am working on, and I need to work on them, else it will get accumulated until it reaches a point when I say, “well, let’s try the next month or next year.”

Life balance is about this, how to enjoy your friends and family, but also get the work done? (by work I do not mean the weekday job, I mean the small project and the different goals that you have as person).

I am trying to find a solution, but it is not easy, it required discipline and effort, so hopefully I get the priorities right and get the balance between friends and work because once you can find it, there is a good base to start something that can change the world.

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