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Well is has been a while since I did not blog, but that is because I realize that my end goal with the blog is missing, I start by taking the blog for a learning experience and in some way, a therapeutic exercise to something about phases or wisdom that I read trying to generate traffic so Google will index my website faster. So, I stop enjoying it, and it was more an obligation. I am not saying it was a bad approach to blog, but there is no point to do something that you do not enjoy. So, I decided to continue with this blog but not to generate traffic or hope that thousands of people will read it, but to let go things that are bordering me during each week. You can ask, why do a blog? The answer is simple as one of my mentors said, if it is out there you must stand in what you said.

Last time I got feedback from someone saying that if is a business blog it should have this or that, but that make me think, why people believe that things must be in a certain way? Otherwise, it will not work? Sometimes society tries to fix us in a way that they understand, or that is common to them, but with all the respect, this is my blog I and post whatever I want, if someday I woke up and think about why trees exist and write about it, who cares, this is a space that I control and is not rig by anything.

I kind of disappointed in the steps that I have taken, I realize that take steps of faiths are not easy, and they required time and planning, and you may think that this is the most obvious thing to do, I thought that as well, and I figured I had everything that I need to succeed and the planning was perfect. I also thought that God gave me the green light to succeed, but now I understand that God always wants you to succeed there is no green light, but what God do not want is that you crash because you are not prepared. I did not plan in the right way, which means a detail plan week by week for six months on what I should be doing, you also need to plan when things are going the wrong way. For now, I am getting back on track and going deep into BigData and data analysis, something that is catching my attention for a while and now that I have time I been learning about it, looks cool, and the fact that it can combine it with machine learning makes it more interesting.

I have also been getting more involve with the Christian community at my church, I been meeting new people and new friends, I also join the salsa community, something that I should have learned back home but I did not and I learning it here.

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