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Well, it is two weeks since my last post, and there is much stuff that has happen, let’s start by giving an update on the career part. By today I had applied to all the games companies that have an available position in what I do. There is another company that replied, and I have an interview next week, will see how it goes. I also prefer not to move my connections all at once but one at the time have based on experience.

There is one thing that I do not like about some of the VFX studios; I don not understand why they try to take advantage of you. So to give you a bit of context, in the VFX industry I apply for pipeline TD position, but there is a position that is before an is an entry level, means you do not need any experience to get it, and of course, the salary is lower and is the ATD position. So today I applied to one of the VFX studios, and they replied me, asking me if I was interested in an ATD position, so I responded in the politest way I could as I do not think I am in the entry area level. I have a bachelor in computer science and almost four years of experience; they believe that because they are one of the biggest VFX studios I need to take whatever they offer me? So, lesson learned, I do not want to work for Method Studios at least, for now, if they try to take advantage of me in the first approach, I can not imagine what else they will do to you.

On the spiritual life, I am happy as for how things are going, I been leading a group at my church, and the respond has been amazing. Also, I have been learning a lot from them, so far it is one of my best experiences in life. The relations that I have built and the new friends that I have met in the last few months has been spectacular, and maybe my future wife is coming soon as I meet new people almost every day.

The last thing that I want to mention is that I am getting my Apple watch, it is coming, and I cannot wait to trash the Microsoft band and start using the Nike+ Apple watch. I have seen so many reviews about it, and so far all reviewers talked good about it and recommended it.

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