Do not break the trust

Communication is an essential part of every one of us, and I just finished a book about it, wrote by John Maxwell, in this book he points out a lot of different ways to became a good communicator. One of the points that stood out to me was the trust, build it is hard but […]

Point of view

There are many problems that are generated because of different points of views, and sometimes it is just the way that we see or interacted with others that make them think about you as something that you are or that you are not, it all depends on of the point of view. A few days […]


I have recently experienced a change in my life in a way that I pass from been not too busy to barely have time to clean my dishes; I filled my life with all kind of stuff by saying yes to anything that people invited me. I have also recently read that being busy shows […]

What really matters?

I think this is a big question in every part of our life; sometimes some actions or feelings matter the most. Hence we follow them and discard the rest. We sometimes get it right, and we can feel happy that whatever we decide to followed worked out entirely. However, what we can do when it […]

Do not complain

Not so long ago I was studying animation, and one of my classmates, (which I became a friend of him since we met, but we do not talk that much anymore) have a particular way to behave. He always believed that everything was wrong, either it was badly made or was missing something. Therefore he […]
When you complain, nobody wants to help you.

When you fail

There are times in life when you do not see a break, when everything that you have plan it just not happening, the goals that you set for the year or even for the month. We (as humans) try to defend our pride and ego, so we start blaming the circumstances around us. I think […]

New Year! New Goals! New Hope!

It starts again; it is a new journey, it is the best time to get new habits set up. Those are some examples of what we say to ourselves every time a new year kick in, and there is no doubt that we feel deferent is like having an energy drink, you feel that you […]

Back in track

Well, it is two weeks since my last post, and there is much stuff that has happen, let’s start by giving an update on the career part. By today I had applied to all the games companies that have an available position in what I do. There is another company that replied, and I have […]

Back to the roots

Well is has been a while since I did not blog, but that is because I realize that my end goal with the blog is missing, I start by taking the blog for a learning experience and in some way, a therapeutic exercise to something about phases or wisdom that I read trying to generate […]


Sometimes in life, you feel lost, or you do not know what should be your next step, in other words, there is no one leading you to the next level, or the person that is leading you is not doing a good job. (Assuming that you have not taken the path to be the leader.) I […]


Sometimes you feel that the work you do should have more purpose, other than the income it generates, at times I think about what I am doing and why I am doing it. It is important for me to wake up and have a purpose for the day, find out that purpose is the hard part and […]


There are times in our lives that our mood is not the best, and unfortunately, most of the people change their mood depending on the circumstances around them, and most of the people get into a terrible mood when this conditions can affect their income, which is entirely understandable, because at the end we work […]

God in Everything

Today I want to reflect about a phase I read; “we can experience God in everything.” There is a disclaimer here as I am Christian I may have a different opinion about this topic, this does not mean I do not respect your opinions about it; I just want to share with whoever read this […]


I think life is full of risk and is just the behavior and how we approach the risk that makes it more or less risky, but what happen when we find ourself in a place where we have not been before, out of our comfort zone? Is this the same risk as wake up go […]

Now What

It is a long time since I did not write a blog and I think I start missing it; I believe it is a good way to cast out all your anxieties or whatever else is happening in your life. So few weeks has passed, and the course of Seth Godin is done, so I […]

Last Question

This is the final day of the course, and although I feel I learned a lot it is intimidating to get out there, but I’m ready for it and as I said in my first blog, even if I fail, I will learn from it, and then I will come back stronger, but lets are […]

What differentiate me

I decided to get over the freelance course in two days; this is because the planning and preparation for to start getting in the market are for the most part done. I guess it is just nice to knowing all the rewards I could get if I do an excellent job as a freelancer, so […]

Why Me

Here I am again, few days has passed, and I feel I can make it, but it still hard, sometimes I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. I already finish the web page which is a significant milestone (considering the baby steps that I accomplished before), this means I am ready […]

Big help

Well is now like a week ago from my last post, few things had happened that are making me more confident in this journey, last weekend I was a stressed and I was almost quitting the dream to be freelance. God help me a lot and give me the confidence I need it; now I […]

Few days as freelancer

I guess each time I am studying Seth Godin’s course (or any other) I will be blogging more often, so continuing with the course and the process of became self-employed (freelance), I got some news. The first one is that I found a website that has a lot of Python tutorials, and he has it […]

Start Day

  Today is my first day as a freelancer/entrepreneur, I am excited about this adventure, and I want to register every step I made. This blog could help me in the future, or if I succeed it could help other people, that is why I decided to write a blog to have a track of […]


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