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Hi, My name is Carlos Garcia. Over the course of my career, I have had the chance to work as a developer for different world-class companies such as Electronic Arts, Double Negative, Gener8, and others. This experience has allowed me to have a thorough understanding of what is required to build software that is efficient and reliable to generate results that can help improve the profit of the business in an efficient way.

The software is designed and developed to make you feel comfortable and secure that you’re getting the best custom software for your needs at the right price, no matter your industry or location. Please refer to the “Process” section for more information.


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Work Experience

  • Double Negative – Associate Technical Director

    I worked as an ATD in two projects where I created Software for artists and the pipeline in Python, also created documentation and tutorials for tools and procedures, as well as worked with production to maintain, extend, and update pipeline software. Projects: Alice Through The Looking Glass, Star Trek Beyond.

  • Rainmaker – FX Artist

    I worked as an FX Artist, where my previous experiences as developer helped me to create all types of simulations in Maya (Fire, RBD, Soft body, Fluids, etc…) I also built rigs for the FX using expressions with Python and MEL. Project: Bob the Builder 

  • Gener8 – IO Automation Coordinator

    I had the opportunity to work on three different projects with the IO team, where I created automated software in Python and Nuke for the Pipeline. This increased the team productivity by processing files more efficiently. Projects: Jupiter Ascending, Godzilla, and Maleficent.

  • Electronic Arts – Technical Artist

    I worked at Electronic Arts for an entire project, where I created software for artists and the pipeline in Maya, Python, and C#, I also had the chance to worked with a small portion of the UI by creating the flag simulation for front-end. Project: FIFA World Cup 2014

  • Gener8 – Junior Compositor

    After I had graduated from Vancouver Film School, I wanted to work on my artistic skills that I just learned. Therefore I worked as a Junior Compositor where I composite and complete procedural painting work for stereo conversion. Projects: 300-Rise of an Empire and Iron Man 3

  • Pragma S.A. – Junior Project Engineer

    After I had graduated, I worked as a Junior Project Engineer for six months until I came to Canada. I worked in a system named SuperNet that at the moment was the web transactional system for Santander Bank, the language used was JavaEE.

  • Los Andes University – Teacher Assitant

    Before I graduated, I had the chance to work part time as Teacher Assitant for two courses, "Modeling and Digital Simulation" and "Object-Oriented 1.". I helped the teacher by reviewing students assignments, add notes to the system and helped students with any problems that they had.


  • Vancouver Film School

    I took 3D Animation and VFX at VFS which was named best CG school in Canada for three consecutive years. Here I learned how to approach a challenge in a creative way which I think is right blend with the logic background I had as a computer engineer.

  • Los Andes University

    I studied a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Systems and Computer Engineering in Los Andes University which is the best University in Colombia and one of the best in Latin America for Engineer programs.



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Depending on the size of the project I may require hiring a team. Therefore I used “we” in the descriptions of each process
This type of process is the one that I like to follow when I start a new project, but I am open to new ideas or different options that you may have to add or subtract from this processes.


Project Scope


The first part of the process is the analysis, review and research of the problem. At this point, we try to understand the scope of the project, the features that the software needs as well as the architecture of the software. This step also provides you the cost of the project, and the timeline required to build the software.

As a big market differentiator, each step of the process, as well as each feature, will have the price, and estimated savings where applicable.




The second step of the process is the user interface. In this step, the work will focus on the user experience, and the goal is to make the user interface as intuitive as possible.

As part of a new approach to development, the methodology MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is applied in this step, so we learn how the user is using the tool. Therefore, the user interface can be changed accordingly in fast iterations until it gets the final approval from the client.


Graphic Design (Optional)


Depending on the budget, once the UI is approved, the next step is the graphic design where images, logos and other parts of the UI are designed to make the application come to life.


BackEnd Develop


The fourth step is the back-end code. In this section of the process, all the algorithms are developed, and the functionalities that were discussed in the first instance are added to the software (e.g., databases, data analysis). This implementation is broken apart in different sprints. Therefore, you, as the client, will know the current status of the application.



Often, new additions to the project are required by the customer as the software is in the process of development. We can always work with you to include any new feature that comes to your mind.


Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY


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